who are we?

Located in Rock Hill, SC, Encompass Machines Inc. is a full service provider of welding & robotic technology services including custom engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and support. Encompass designs and manufacturers orbital, robotic and industrial welding systems and services. Please contact us directly for any additional information or for a detailed proposal for your customized welding system. We look forward to your request, and stand ready to support you and your organization with all of your automated welding needs.

what we do?

EMI is a highly experienced design, manufacturing and support organization.

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our products


The Deep Bore GTAW Welding System is a full function (torch travel, AVC, oscillation and wire) weld system designed for multi-pass GTAW welding.


The EMI Orbital Welding System is a full function weld system which includes linear or pendulum oscillation and either dual or single wire feed.


The PAWS is a full function (travel, AHC, oscillation and wire) weld system for making GMAW groove welds.

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