Submerged ARC Welding

The base system is designed for submerged arc welding (SAW) and is configured to be operated with the Lincoln Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD Power Supply. The tractor can operate without track, but optional grooved wheels allow for track guided operation. The included guide arms allow the system to follow walls.

system description

  • The system is easily disassembled into modules less than 50 pounds for manual lifting. It is comprised of the following primary components:


  • Capable of conducting SAW processes in the 1G (butt-joint), 2F (fillet), and 2G (horizontal groove) positions.
  • Unit is self-propelled and capable of travel speeds of 0-100 inches per minute.
  • Low-backlash drive train with mechanical engage/disengage lever. Direction is selected via the remote pendant.
  • Wheels are capable of withstanding 350-degree Fahrenheit exposure (direct contact) for 8 hours.
  • Low center of gravity allows for stable operation in various configurations.


  • Raised tactile buttons and knobs for use with gloves.
  • Large backlit screen for ease of viewing.
  • Supports all Power Wave SubArc Processes and controls
    • DC (+/-)
    • AC (Balanced/Variable)

main mast

  • Provides central lifting point for moving entire system with a crane/hoist
  • Flexible cable management straps
  • Supports application accessory modules
    • Wire Spool Module
      • Supports a single 60-pound coil or 2 44-pound spools
    • Wire Drive Module
      • Supports wire sizes from 0.062-inch to 0.188-inch.
      • An optional secondary feeder supports the Tiny Twin process.
      • Feeders can be rotated independently for optimal payoff angles.
      • Fully isolated from welding potential.
    • Flux Hopper Module
      • Flux delivery is conducted by a rugged but flexible tubing allowing the operator to position the point of delivery.
    • Cross-Slide Module
      • Allows manual adjustment of torch position (y-z).
      • Multiple arm pivots allow slide to maintain position across the seam (y).
      • Work Angle adjustment allows torch positioning for fillet welds.
      • Torch Angle adjustment allows push/drag torch adjustments.
      • Extended flux tube holder.
      • Adjustable laser guide to assist with torch position.

The system meets the requirements of IP 23 Rating and is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions associated with outside heavy industrial applications such as variable temperatures (20-degree Fahrenheit to 115-degree Fahrenheit), relative humidity conditions (5% RH to 90%RH), and exposure to rain.

ArcLink System Interface

The system is integrated to the Lincoln Electric ArcLink fieldbus. ArcLink is a standard that was developed by Lincoln Electric that allow peripheral devices to connect to the welding power supply. A single 5-pin cable provides the operating power (40VDC) for the motors and control system as well as the communication to the welding equipment. The digital link is used for providing control and feedback signals. Communication is achieved through a CAN-based digital protocol. The CAN standard was originally designed for automobile control systems, so
it is extremely robust. CAN has been implemented in a wide variety of industrial networking schemes.

The Encompass system is fully ArcLink compliant and provides access to all available welding modes and associated controls. An ArcLink based Wire Drive module allows the system to utilize the Power Wave’s full library of Synergic waveforms.

To ensure communication reliability, the ArcLink protocol specifies that all client objects respond to a periodic ‘heartbeat’. In the event of a heartbeat failure, the client objects are required to shut down and wait for communication to be reestablished. This important safety
feature prevents a runaway condition if communication was interrupted while the system was active.

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