Capture1 The Encompass Gen II MIG Overlay System is a full function (vertical and horizontal travel, AHC, oscillation and wire) weld system designed for multi-pass GMAW welding. This weld system is designed for the automatic welding of plate surfaces in a box configuration of 9’ by 3’ in two (2) configurations, boiler and vessel modes. In boiler mode the system is designed to weld in a vertical application, oscillating horizontally across the weld bead. In vessel mode the system is designed to weld in a horizontal application, oscillating horizontally.

Mounting of the weld system is quickly accomplished via utilization of a box travel beam and rack system that can be mounted in both vertical and horizontally applications. The carriage, index beam and torch travel assemblies are modular in design and can be quickly installed on the travel beam. This arrangement allows quick and easy maintenance or adjustments of the assemblies without complete removal of the system.

An intelligent servomotor for the low torque end requirements, to traverse the carriage assembly quickly along the vertical beam, drives the vertical travel axis. This motor is a complete servo motion control system with integrated multi-axis motion control, amplifier and feedback controller. The oscillation, torch height, wire feed and horizontal travel axes of the weld system utilize DC high torque smart stepper motors with integrated motion controller and micro-stepping drive.

Both travel axes incorporate a two-speed travel jog system that allows for precise torch positioning as well as rapid traverse in order to position the carriage assembly quickly and precisely during both weld and setup modes.

The MOS utilizes a low voltage power supply that provides power for the mechanical system and distributed process control for multi-pass welding.

EMI also provides an optional “Cone and Dome” subsystem for the MOS when used for vessels cone or dome applications.


Machine Motions:

  • The vertical travel axis is used to traverse (move) the carriage assembly across the material to be welded in the vertical direction.
  • The horizontal travel axis is used to traverse (move) the index beam assembly across the material to be welded in the horizontal direction.
  • This axis is utilized to control the distance between the weld wire and the weld surface.
  • This axis is used to position the torch assembly across (perpendicular to the weld joint) the weld surface. The oscillator is used to “weave” the torch during the weld process.
  • This assembly is responsible for delivering and metering the filler weld wire at the desired rate when welding.


General Specifications:


Physical Dimensions of the Weld System:

Weight (w/out Wire, Cables & Vertical Beam)          125 pounds

Vertical Beam Length                                                 10 feet

Horizontal Index Beam Length                                  60.75 inches

Overall Height of Weld System                                 16-17 inches

Minimum ID for Internal Vessel Welding                  30 inches *

Minimum OD for External Vessel Welding               48 inches *

*Measured at gear rack pitch diameter


Weld System Performance:

AHC Travel                                                                6 inches

Index Width                                                               0 – 6 inches

Oscillator Pivot                                                           0 – 360 degrees

Wire Size                                                                     0.045” Standard

Weld Voltage                                                              10 to 38 volts, 1-volt increments

Weld Current                                                              0 to 300 amps, 5 amp increments

Wire Speed                                                                 50 to 600 inches per minute, 5 ipm increments

Travel Speed                                                               0 to 100 inches per minute, 1 ipm increments

Oscillator Width                                                         0 to 100, 1 increment

Oscillator Speed                                                          0 to 100, 1 increment

Oscillator In Dwell Time

MAX – 20 tenths of a second (2.0 sec)

MIN – 0 tenths of a second

INC – 1 tenth of a second (0.1 sec)

Oscillator Out Dwell Time

MAX – 20 tenths of a second (2.0 sec)

MIN – 0 tenths of a second

INC – 1 tenth of a second (0.1 sec)

Pre-purge Time                                                            3 seconds

Post-purge Time                                                          3 seconds

Burn Back Time                                                          0 to 200 ms, 1 ms increments

AHC Response                                                           1 to 30, 1 increment

Index Width                                                               0.01-inch increment

Travel Retraction Speed                                             185 inches per minute

Pendant                                                                       12”L x 7”W x 5”D

Power Supply Control Box                                         13”L x 8”W x 6”D

Weld Mode Select                                                      Via pendant

Number of Controlled Axis                                        5 (horizontal & vertical travel, oscillator, AHC, wire feed)

Type of Motion Control          1 Integrated DC servo motor & 4 Integrated DC stepper-motors