The Deep Bore GTAW Welding System is a full function (torch travel, AVC, oscillation and wire) weld system designed for multi-pass GTAW welding. This lightweight, yet robust weld head is designed for welding of bores of 3” and up, and to a depth of 28” in its standard configuration.

Mounting of the weld head is accomplished with an interchangeable flange that can be configured to most mounting requirements. The torch/mast/wire feeder assembly is modular in design and can be removed by loosening 2 clamp knobs. This arrangement allows quick and easy maintenance or adjustments of the torch assembly without removal of the entire weld head. The AVC and cross-seam (radial and axial) axes are also modular in design. The AVC and oscillation function of these axes can be interchanged to allow automatic voltage control (AVC) to be utilized in both bore and face welding applications. Standard travel on these axes is 4.9”. The axial axis can be lengthened on request.

All axes of the weld head are stepper motor driven for smooth and consistent performance over the life of the motors. Additionally, utilization of stepper motors eliminates the calibration issues associated with DC servomotor systems.


Standard Configuration Specifications


Weight                              40 pounds

Maximum depth              28 inchesDEEP BORE WITH VALVE

Minimum bore                  3.0 inches*


*1.3 inch minimum bore with optional torch assembly


Weld Head Performance


Wire Size                             up to .045 inch

AVC travel                           4.9 inches

Oscillator travel                4.9 inches

Weld travel speed           .1 to 9.9 IPM

Jog travel speed               100 IPMDEEP BORE

Wire speed                         1 to 100 IPM

Oscillation speed              50 IPM

Oscillation dwell               0 to 3 seconds



  • 300 Amp, water cooled
  • Uses industry standard, off the shelf torch consumables
  • Double pivot design for access to tight areas
  • 1/16 to 1/8 inch tungsten capacity
  • Integral wire nozzle adjustment that pivots with the torch head