The EMI C-Frame Welding System is a full function (torch travel, AVC, oscillation and wire) weld system designed for multi-pass GTAW welding. This lightweight, yet robust weld head series is designed for welding of diameters of .75” to 3.5”. Each weld head configuration has a .5” range. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Mounting of the weld head is accomplished with a simplified clamping system that is configurable to most OD’s with in .5” of nominal size of C-frame.

All axes of the weld head are driven by intelligent motors for smooth and consistent performance over the life of the motors. Additionally, utilization of these motors eliminates the calibration issues associated with DC servomotor systems.


  • Utilizes the Model TC-3, multi-pass welding control
  • All weld levels and parameters programmable from the remote pendant and adjustable during weld operations
  • Low radial clearance (~1”)
  • Quick clamping to work
  • Dual speed jog on travel and wire feed axes
  • Control box with wire feed unit and 2 pound spool holder (std. configuration)
  • Single connection for water/power/gas
  • Special sizes and configurations available on request


Standard Configuration Details:

Weld Head Weight       5 pounds

Min OD range                   .75”

Nominal Sizes                 1” – 3.5”


* Sizes are in ½” increments

**Each nominal size has ½” rangeC-FRAME CONTROLLER

Weld Head Performance:

Wire Size                             0.03 inch

AVC travel                           .5 inches

Oscillator travel                .5 inches

Weld travel speed           .1 to 9.9 IPM

Jog travel speed               Size dependentC-FRAME WITH PIPE

Wire speed                         1 to 100 IPM

Oscillation speed              30 IPM

Oscillation dwell               0 to 3 seconds


  • 150 Amp, water cooled
  • Trailing gas coverage
  • Integral wire nozzle adjustment that pivots with the torch headC-FRAME WITH PIPE, FRONT