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Located in Rock Hill, SC, Encompass Machines Inc. is a full service provider of welding & robotic technology services including custom engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and support. Encompass designs and manufacturers orbital, robotic and industrial welding systems and services. Please contact us directly for any additional information or for a detailed proposal for your customized welding system.  We look forward to your request, and stand ready to support you and your organization with all of your automated welding needs.

Encompass is experienced in both conventional and non-conventional welding and cutting processes. We offer products and services that include the following technologies:

–  Ultra low profile welding

–  Hot and cold-wire GTAW

–  Narrow groove GTAW

–  Semi and fully automatic GMAW

–  Plasma welding and cutting

–  EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)

–  Remote Metal Removal – Arc Gouging ‏

–  Remote vision

–  Robotics and manipulation

The highly skilled, experienced and technically driven staff at EMI stand ready to support you with any welding, cutting, inspection or integration needs that you or your company may have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting, consultation, demonstration, or for additional information.

3958 Airway Drive
Rock Hill SC 29732
Main: (803)-985-3800
Fax: (803)-985-4017